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For the second installment of our Bilibid series, Gang Badoy talks about meeting two students from the death row.
Editor's Note: On March 7, 2017, the House of Representatives approved the death penalty on its third and final reading. Today, we revisit our Inside Bilibid series to remind us of the people who will be most affected by the passing of this law. In ...
Human rights optional.
Bills, bills, bills, and someone needs to pay. In this case, anyone caught in the crossfire of the drug war, or anyone who happens to not be straight. The death penalty and anti-discrimination bills are advocating for two very different causes, but ...
Plunder’s back on the list. Thanks to government blunder.
PNP pronounces war against illegal gambling.With the war on drugs temporarily on hold, the PNP announced its new focus: illegal gambling. According to President Duterte, gambling adversely affects barangays throughout the country, and PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa vowed to fight it in ...
Also: Congress doesn't think plunder is a heinous crime.
Trump strikes friendlier tone in letter to Chinese president.Trump’s conciliatory letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping comes at a time of dramatic change in U.S.-China relations. While containing “standard diplomatic pleasantries,” it is nevertheless a positive gesture after Trump’s relationship with China ...
But will the death penalty be back soon?
Major US companies oppose Trump ban.The backlash against President Donald Trump’s most controversial executive order to date continues as major U.S. corporations have started to announce their opposition to the ban on Muslims and refugees entering the country. Uber was the first corporation ...
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