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The heirs who benefited greatly from these estates.
Ever wondered what happens to the estates of the famously deceased? Well, they’re still earning even long after they’ve passed away. Curiously enough, something as simple as owning the rights to a piece of art or literature can greatly benefit your loved ...
People seemed to want to outscoop each other on social media.
Three days after celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac’s passing, his spouse is speaking up for the first time on social media. Jayson Vicente and Isaac were married in the U.S. last July 15, just one week before the latter was hospitalized for complications ...
He was the best of them.
Legendary British actor Sean Connery, best known for playing fictional spy James Bond in seven films, has died aged 90, his family told the BBC on Saturday.READ MORE STORIES ON JAMES BOND:In 1983, Roger Moore and Sean Connery Squared Off in ‘The Battle of ...
The frontliner doctor won over our hearts back in June after she sang joyfully as she awaited discharge.
Dr. Kathlynne Abat-Senen, a neonatologist and infectious disease expert, has died of COVID-19 after a second bout with the virus. She is survived by her husband, Jerome, a pediatric pulmonologist, and two young children.Abat-Senen was a faculty member and medical consultant at ...
Ever heard of designer funerals? Well, there are designer urns now.
No matter how chic you are throughout your lifetime, you do not know if this will carry on to your afterlife.Here are some objets d'art to ease your mind about passing into eternity: beautifully crafted urns. With the number of cremations in the ...
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