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About Chito Gascon, former student activist and idealogue, and now the embattled chairman of the Commission on Human Rights.
SO, MR. GASCON: Where were you when a woman in our barangay was raped by a drug addict?The question does not register. I may have mumbled my words—or my facetious tone viewed as inappropriate. Jose Luiz Martin “Chito” Gascon, chairman of the ...
In the theater of digital war, Mocha Uson is winning far more hearts and minds (and likes and clicks) than legitimate news outlets through her unrepentantly pro-Duterte blog. Is she really all that bad?
There is the world we know, where we get our news from TV networks that have been established before Martial Law, and our opinions from the newspapers that were founded in its wake. A world where we naturally trust a multi-awarded investigative ...
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