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It is one of America's newest warships.
There is a formidable American warship docked in Manila Bay on September 27. The USS Tripoli is one of the U.S. navy's newest warships. It was launched in 2017 and delivered to the U.S. Navy in 2020. Currently, it is crewed by ...
Only five of the 12 FA-50s purchased from South Korea remain flightworthy. 
Of the Philippine Air Force’s 12 brand-new FA-50s built by South Korea, only five are operational. That was what Philippine Air Force Vice Commander Maj. Gen. Arthur Cordura said in a senate hearing on September 27. “Out of the seven (nonoperational aircraft), two ...
The Korean-built FA-50s were sent to escort the country's most powerful man.
The Philippine Air Force (PAF) sent five of its South Korean-made FA-50PHs light jet fighters to escort President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s aircraft as it entered the Philippine airspace on Sunday morning.Col. Ma. Consuelo Castillo, PAF Spokesperson, said the interception point "was approximately 50 nautical ...
The U.S. Coast Guard and Philippine Coast Guard are stepping up cooperation on several fronts.
As part of ongoing U.S.-Philippine cooperation to enhance the Philippines’ maritime law enforcement capabilities, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) facilitated the first Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)-led Small Boat Operations course from September 5 to 16 in Manila.The training is meant to improve ...
Of the countries claiming the West Philippine Sea, only the Philippines does not have a submarine.
France is ready to help the Philippines attain its long-held dream of acquiring submarines for its navy. A fleet of submarines is one of the most potent deterrents against warships, particularly in the West Philippine Sea, a hotly contested region claimed in ...
They're fast and can sting.
Two new missile boats have been transferred to the Philippine Navy by Israel Shipyards. The fast-attack interdiction craft-missiles (FAIC-Ms) aim to bolster the Philippines’ caabilities in securing its littoral waters.  The fast ships are designed for security tasks involving high intercept speeds. It ...
But are they reliable in times of war and calamity? A general thinks so.
During a hearing on national security last August 10, Vice Admiral Rommel Reyes, deputy chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), told senators that the Philippines now has 1.2 million members of the reserve force. Ryes was further asked ...
Each country brought its most advanced warship. 
On August 6, the U.S. Navy realeased footage of the worlds most massive naval exercise yet: 26 countries, 38 ships, three submarines, more than 30 unmanned systems, approximately 170 aircraft and 25,000 personnel sailed in formation in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian ...
It bested 16 of the world's most advanced warships.
After weeks of training in the Hawaiian Islands, the Philippines’ most advanced warship, the BRP Antonio Luna, is sailing home. But not after besting some of the world’s most powerful navies in gunnery exercises during the RIMPAC 2022, which is the world’s ...
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