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It's the only Philippine location to make the list.
TIME Magazine just released its "World's Greatest Places of 2022," and out of those 50 slots, only one Philippine location made the list. It's none other than our "paradise lost" Boracay Island."It had become known as 'Paradise Lost,' or a 'cesspool,' as ...
It is a crucial watershed protecting Metro Manila. 
The late environment secretary Gina Lopez had warned about the consequences of the denuded Marikina Watershed. In September 2017, Lopez warned about how the Marikina Watershed needed immediate reforestation to protect Metro Manila from severe flooding. Nearly four years later and several instances ...
It’s not that simple.
It didn’t take long before citizens on social media reacted to the news about “white sand” being dumped on Manila’s baywalk area. Workers contracted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources were seen bringing the sand to a stretch of the ...
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