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The actor-musician posted the property on his Instagram.
James Reid is saying goodbye to his Loyola Grand Villas home. Of course, this isn't the first time we're seeing the property. The actor-musician posted about selling the property in February 2020, and he's just made a repeat post over a year ...
If you're looking for fresh insights for your next redecorating project.
Design Story, one of Manila’s premier furniture shops carrying global brands is opening a new chapter in its extensive portfolio with an exciting new showroom. Their new concept combines the features of a furniture shop, exhibit, and even a café + bar ...
It's pretty but it's sad we're ogling at things other countries find ordinary.
It turns out that making pedestrians’ lives more convenient around these parts can be done.Those of you who regularly pass Ayala Triangle and Salcedo in Makati City will be pleased to know that moving between the two areas will now be more convenient thanks to the newly opened ...
Imagine watching sunsets through this hole.
The last thing you want on your ship is a hole in its hull. However, luxury superyacht designer and builder Lazzarini Design does not dabble in the ordinary. It is the designer behind the famous swan-shaped mega yacht concept, the Avanguardia. Its ...
The houses are typhoon-proof and affordable.
As the Philippines’ infrastructure industry continues to turn to sustainable solutions, one humble building material remains underutilized: bamboo. And with September as World Bamboo Month, a pioneer in bamboo construction renews its call for architects, engineers, and developers to reconsider this highly ...
His passion for art and respect for historical architecture took him into the restoration and the preservation of old structures.
Preserving old architecture is synonymous to protecting one’s history: structures that have stood the test of time are creations of a bygone era and are not unlike gateways to the past.Architect Anthony Nazareno talks about his work in restoring and preserving one ...
The Bamboo Ring Project by Kengo Kuma and Oppo will be on display in the 2021 Milan Design Week.
Art in itself is a dynamic thing. Creatives everywhere are inclined to push the envelope with new ideas, creations, and pretty much anything that can be considered innovative. The newness that comes with art takes up many shapes and forms, whether it’s ...
Filipino creativity on a global platform.
Maison et Objet is a French trade fair that deals with interior design and often considered one of the three most important industry events in the world. Filipino designers are no stranger to the trade fair, representing the country in nearly every ...
It's an award-winning initiative by the tech giant.
Unboxing any new appliance, like a brand-new TV, is always an exciting experience. There’s a certain rush in opening the box, installing the TV, and seeing it perfectly fit your home. Movie marathons, virtual calls, and game nights are now possible in ...
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