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The chocolate cake of your childhood.
Of the many variants of cake, the Black Forest is among those that get the least attention. Not a lot of dessert places in Manila offer the famed chocolate-fruit cream cake medley, much to the dismay of ‘90s kids who have come ...
What you get when Chefs Miko Aspiras, Kristine Lotilla, Sunshine Puey, and Sally Camacho-Mueller get together.
There comes a point in every person's life where the dream is to be surrounded with the most delectable desserts. It could be a toddler all too immune from the perils of sweets and hoping for every kind of lollipop in the world. ...
Delicate artistry and glorious flavors in these enticing new entremets.
“Ooh La La!” These are the words that one utters without thought when first presented with one of Rebecca Disini’s stunning mirror cakes. Aptly so, it also happens to be the name of her new confectionary business that centers around colorful entremets—multi-layered ...
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