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It's not the first time it was heavily damaged.
On April 15, a fire broke out and engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. As one of the most famous landmarks in the world, the cathedral is beloved by many as a symbol of Catholicism. Notre Dame de Paris means Our ...
It's the best way to see Paris and Alsace through a wine-focused lens.
Taking a vacation is something that always elicits excitement. Planning it, however, is another story. If you want to experience a country and combine it with your passion, Heart of Alsace is an ideal way to do so. One of Europe's best ...
These beaches have remained under-the-radar—up until now.
It’s been proven that a beach vacation does wonders for your health. The only question is: Which beach should you sail off to next?The Philippines has thousands and thousands of islands, and yet many still flock to the same beaches: Boracay, El Nido, ...
Hot air balloon rides, an Indonesia tapas bar, and an '80s-inspired beach club await you this year.
Local tourism in Bali, Indonesia has seen an influx of foreign visitors in recent years. With that, more establishments and new concepts have begun to blossom on the island. The next time you visit our Southeast Asian neighbor, be sure to add ...
It's the underrated local destination you need to put on this year's travel list.
Big things are brewing down south in Iloilo. With the recent urban development of this Visayan destination, Iloilo City has become a place where town meets country. Pristine beaches, contemporary structures, and old-world architecture all co-exist in one place. Thinking of paying ...
These fresh travel options will open up doors to new sights and sounds without the hassle of a layover.
Frequent flyers, prepare your passports. The last quarter of 2018 saw the exciting addition of new flight routes from Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and a few of the emerging air hubs in the country. If you want to spend less ...
Harry Potter-themed airport displays, a newly awarded Michelin star restaurant, and the only rooftop bar in the world that serves its own tea-infused spirits.
Despite its small size, Singapore makes good on being a dynamic Asian city overflowing with unique business concepts that appeal to the global traveler. Here, new and obscure establishments and activities that may entice you to make that three-hour flight from Manila.Newly ...
New shopping destinations, exhibitions on display, and experiences waiting to be had at America's most vibrant city.
New York is one of those cities that you'll keep coming back to, mainly because there’s something new and exciting at every turn. As if you need more reasons to book a ticket to this vibrant American city, here are some store ...
Marvel at the beauty of these sites, and possibly have a ghostly encounter.
Shrouded in thick mystery, these destinations are backed by dark histories and bone-chilling tales that will surely keep you on your toes. Here is a list of hauntingly beautiful hotels and castles to visit around the world:The highest castle in France and now ...
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