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Once you stop, you regain weight in a snap.
The keto diet has squillions of fans across the planet who profess its effectiveness, including high-powered celebrities such as LeBron James. Nutritionists, however, are up in arms about its long-term health effects. Sure, the keto diet is effective as a fast way to ...
It's a condition called nutritional optic neuropathy.
Ever have one of those moments when you feel like a slice of pizza (or three) is all you need to get you through the day? Or that feeling of waking up knowing that as a fully grown adult, you can technically ...
Holiday weight gain is real.
There’s plenty to look forward to during the holidays. Trimming the tree, shopping for presents, celebrating with dear family and friends, and of course, the many feasts. All the decadent dishes and treats can, however, put a damper on your diet or ...
Just another reason to add more fish to your diet.
You already know that fish is a great source of protein, vitamin D, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Another surprising perk? It could give your sex life a boost—and even help you get pregnant—according to a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public ...
This diet wants you to forget everything you know about ‘healthy eating.’ Here is how to know if the ketogenic diet is for you.
“Low-carb and high fat” might be an odd mix of words at first glance. After all, we’ve been conditioned to think that all kinds of fat should be avoided like the plague. Enter keto, a diet that champions fat as the answer ...
You might want to put down that next cookie.
It’s a sad day for sugar junkies.Researchers have discovered a groundbreaking connection between sugar consumption and its relation to tumor growth. A recently published online study by Nature Communications has gathered evidence to support the belief that high-sugar diets increase the chances of developing ...
Is your diet knowledge up to date on the latest studies?
The ideal amount of added or free sugar is 25 grams or six teaspoons a day for women and 37.5 grams or nine teaspoons a day for men. This may seem like a generous amount but if you check the nutrition labels ...
Tom Parker Bowles on the dangerous pseudoscience behind "healthy" food fads
My name is Tom and today I am…two pieces of brown toast, Hovis I think, spread lustily with butter and Marmite; one Herta frankfurter, fridge-cold and impotently floppy; one slice of processed cheese, the cheap, lurid corner shop shite that bears about as ...
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