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Fancy a Greek feast this weekend?
Hospitality was one of the hardest-hit industries during the past year, and in order to survive, hotels, resorts, and restaurants were forced to get creative. Many had to shutter their doors, but those that stubbornly refused to close up shop had to ...
You will never starve again with these freezer meals.
With many of us still homebound these last 10 months, we’ve been making many trips to the refrigerator to rummage for something good to eat at all hours of the day or night. Here are some suggestions for pantry, fridge, or freezer ...
The Peninsula Manila offers its iconic tea set for takeaway.
After nearly eight months of lockdown, we’re all hankering for a proper afternoon tea.The Peninsula Manila may still be closed, but after months of tinkering, experimenting, and tasting at the hotel kitchens, we may finally have our cake and eat it too.READ ...
These videos made our day.
The restaurant industry has been hit by the pandemic in a big way. And yet our chefs and their kitchen teams continue to nourish and nurture and spread good vibes, as always.Panaderya Toyo recently posted a video on Instagram of its team dancing ...
A perfect date night in your own home.
You can take a man out of a steakhouse, but you can’t take a steakhouse out of a man. After over five months in quarantine, we’re all craving for a good steak.A sizzling medium rare porterhouse seared with just the right amount ...
Let your taste buds do the traveling.
You may be cooped up in your house, but you can still travel through the world via your taste buds. These restaurants and food purveyors will be the perfect cure to keep the travel bug away.TOP STORY: Amazing Philippine Architecture You Need to SeeWhen ...
Joel Binamira shares his insights on the local restaurant scene.
An informal survey held by Zubuchon’s Joel Binamira (a.k.a. Marketman) shows that people are not yet ready to go back to dining out—or spend as much for it.In an Instagram post on May 14, Binamira asked his followers: “Once quarantine restrictions are ...
The new drinks will also save you from this heat.
We know you've been longing for a cup of your favorite Starbucks drink every morning since the quarantine began. Just in case you missed the good news, select Starbucks branches are now available on GrabFood. Plus, they have new refreshing Tea-ology beverages that will help you beat ...
You may be stuck indoors, but you can still make her feel special.
Mother's Day used to be a huge day for restaurants. Hours are filled, tables are booked. It may be a fake holiday, but it's had a marked effect on our lives. There are flowers, chocolates, gifts, reunions. But this time, we're at home, likely ...
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