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Here’s an alternate take on those sculptural Dior designer rubber boots.
Look what popped up on our feed today. Daniel Arsham, the contemporary artist who collaborated with Dior Men for its summer 2020 collection, posted a “prototype liner” for one of the set’s highlights, those yummy transparent rubber boots.A post shared by ARSHAM STUDIO ...
High ornamentation and painterly colors pervade the elegant set.
While you’ve been led to believe that less is best and emptying your head is the only path to peace, the glory of maximalism cannot be ignored. The dazzle of all manner of adornment, the electrifying thrill of the exceptionally well-made, and ...
Spend the night in style with Dior’s latest collection live from Paris.
There are a handful of must-watch, can’t-miss, stay-up-late-for shows in men’s fashion week, and this undoubtedly includes Dior’s. Ever since the arrival of artistic director Kim Jones in 2018, the French luxury fashion house has been on a roll, releasing wonderful new ...
Dior unveils a trio of sound experiences so that you can feel expensive, stylish, and French.
What does a French luxury fashion house sound like? If Dior could speak or, better yet, sing, what would the melody feel like? According to the label, its music is vibrant and magnetic, an “artistic journey for escaping, dancing, and dreaming.” You don’t ...
Light and humorous, groovy and easy, the Dior men’s fall 2021 collection is a joyous mirror of the future.  
If this is what it looks like inside the mind of the cool, the fashionable, and the fearless, we’re staying. Last night, Dior beamed its fall 2021 collection to the world, but it may have very well been sending videos of a ...
At Dior, mix and match is the new mood.
How do you choose what to wear in the morning? You grab this shirt and put on that pair of pants. And, because you are a man of discernment (and never the man who would just wear whatever is on top of ...
Here's everything you need to know about the Dior B27 sneakers, including when it will be available in Manila.
Dior is relentless in its pursuit of designer sneaker domination. Following the massive success of the Dior B23 and the Air Diors, which only the savviest (and loaded) sneakerheads were able to get their hands on, the Paris fashion house releases its ...
The Dior Oblique Tapestry adds a delicate softness to the house's Instagram-cool pieces.
Tapestries were all the rage in the Medieval Period, the age of knights and dragons, kings and conquests. You may have come across one of the most precious examples of the decorative art—a docile unicorn hemmed in by a circular enclosure found ...
David, Romeo, and Cruz went all-in on Jordan x Dior at the designer's London Fashion Week runway
It was, I like to think, a tribute to matriarch Victoria's former life as a globe-conquering pop star. Here they come, the Beckhams, the latest boy band off the Syco production line, eyes in the middle-distance, sang froid AF. And the we-all-get-up-on-the-key-change ...
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