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In a love letter to LA, cruel glamour and surf cool partied side-by-side for the latest collection.
If LA is a city of contrasts (and, apparently, also one of angels), then Venice Beach is where all those differences converge. The natural wonder of the Pacific is flanked by man-made smog. Crumbling apartment blocks lean against million dollar beach houses. ...
It's showtime.
From fall 2020's Miami to fall 2022's London, Dior and Kim Jones have been taking us on an exciting journey all over for its fashion shows. Case in the point: the new capsule collection will be unveiled in Los Angeles. Yup, the runway ...
The actor kept things interesting on the red carpet.
It seems we've all been sleeping on Alden Richards' red carpet style. The man definitely knows how to dress casually, as evidenced by his travel photos, but his suiting game is one we've been guilty of ignoring. But no longer.On Sunday, Richards attended ...
Mixing countercultures with couture and refinement with sportswear.
For fall 2022, Dior's Kim Jones' sent down models in clothing that mixed countercultures with couture and refinement with sportswear as an ode to Jack Kerouac. The tribute didn't stop there. The runway was a giant scroll featuring Kerouac's seminal prose.The campaign takes ...
The actor opens up about this custom Dior look and breaks down his Titanic-inspired grooming routine.
The thing about the Met Gala, also known as Fashion’s Biggest Night, is that not only is it one of the most photographed events on the planet, but there’s also a theme. And theme parties, as we all know, carry a particular ...
When sport meets luxury.
Having been cooped up at home over the past few years, most of us have made several lifestyle changes. And, as we re-evaluate our priorities, our preferences in fashion tend to follow suit. So, if you're like the rest of us, you've ...
The Gossip Girl actor shared his day with the French fashion house.
Men's fashion week has come and gone. But that doesn't mean we're over the clothes and celebrities we saw during the past few days. In fact, we're still recuperating from our Dior Men's show hangover. The winter 2022/2023 collection by Kim Jones was one for ...
Straight from Paris.
Anyone know what day is it? Oh, that's right. It's Dior day. Tonight we're getting a front row view of the French fashion house's fall/winter 2022 collection as it goes down the runway. Only we're not going to be in Paris, but it's the ...
Presenting an exclusive capsule for the Lunar New Year.
Couldn't get enough of Kenny Scharf's team up with Dior Men? We've got good news for you. It seems Kim Jones feels the exact same way. The French fashion house has once again tapped the American painter to collaborate on an exclusive capsule collection ...
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