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The Philippines is at the center of the world's Coral Triangle, that's why.
While Filipino athletes have been winning gold medals left and right at the ongoing Southeast Asian Games, the Philippine sea is making a statement of its own. The country bagged the title "World’s Leading Dive Destination" during the 26th World Travel Awards Grand ...
They're worth the investment.
A nod to the heroism of the Royal Italian Navy, the grit of the long-distance channel swimmer, and even Jacques Cousteau's spirit of exploration, dive watches manage to be inherently inspiring.In their first iterations in the 1920s, dive watches marked an important ...
Underwater lensman Scott "Gutsy" Tuason's Blackwater Open Blue is a collection of open water photographs.
Renowned underwater photographer Scott "Gutsy" Tuason bagged the 2017 Underwater Photography Book of the Year prize awarded by the Underwater Photographer of the Year organization. His book, Blackwater Open Blue, launched in April 2016, features stunning photographs he's taken in open water.Dr. ...
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