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Less than 20 percent of dogs and less than 10 percent of cats visit the vet every year in the Philippines
For all you crazy pet owners out there, the new Royal Canin app might just give you the best Christmas gift yet: free vet checkups. Now, we’re not sure how your doggos and cats will feel about another vaccine or butt exam, ...
Of course he needs a Versace sweater.
As if you’re pets aren’t pampered enough, we’ve found 10 ridiculously over-priced gifts for your pooches. They only deserve the best, after all, and by best, we mean Louis Vuitton and Versace. Because for sure, your four-legged doggo will appreciate luxury. Let’s just hope ...
Not all heroes stand on two feet.
Here’s some badly-needed wholesome content for you.Monday is fast approaching, so we thought we’d give you some uplifting stories of man’s best friend—the great doggo. Not all heroes wear capes, and neither do they all stand on two feet. We’re talking about ...
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