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Loyal and affectionate, dogs have a special way of creating a bond with their owners.  
A dog is a man’s best friend, and for these lucky pups, their status has been cemented on the Instagram feeds of their famous owners. While pets should be valued beyond being a mere style accessory, we have to admit, there is something cool ...
We should be proud of our native askals.
Village dogs—that’s how scientists called askals in their study: unpedigreed, indigenous dogs living with humans in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Askal, short for asong kalye or street dog, is the term for native dogs in the Philippines. But in recent years, ...
It keeps them calm and lowers their anxiety caused by fireworks.
New Year’s Eve is probably the worst night of a dog’s year. Loud noises and explosions really amp their anxiety and may even traumatize them. Thankfully, there’s an easy trick you can do to calm your dog’s nerves. It’s called a thundershirt.A ...
Some people could be denser than dogs at reading emotion.
Have you ever been so upset or angry at one point that you notice your how your dogs avoid contact with you? Or perhaps you were sad or quiet and they just snuggle right up to your face and lick you?Apparently, dogs ...
Give the good boy his treats.
Scientists have confirmed it. Dogs don’t respond well if you act like an asshole.In a research study conducted by molecular biologists from Portugal, it was discovered that dogs that go through aversion-based training, which utilizes yelling and shock collars, are drastically more stressful ...
In case you weren’t aware, you can now bring your service and support doggos on board.
It’s only the second day of the week but we need another stress reliever. Here’s some good news to get you through till the weekend: You can fly Philippine Airlines (PAL) and bring your service and emotional support doggos on board.According to ...
It’s a long, pricey process, but if your pooches are worth it, here’s how to start.
For pet owners, moving or migrating abroad is not as exciting as it sounds when you can’t bring your beloved companions with you. It’s a complicated process that most people aren’t aware of, but we talked to Tatin, a San Francisco transplant, ...
Prepare your tissues.
Before we get started, let’s get this straight: Real men cry. Granted, not a lot can achieve this, and only a few things are surefire ways to incite tears: Tony Stark’s death, UAAP finals, and of course, dog films. We’re celebrating male ...
We're recognizing all the good pups.
The remaster of Final Fantasy VIII is hitting consoles on September 3, and with it comes the return of one of gaming’s all-time greatest dogs: Angelo. The pup, who was featured heavily in the 1999 classic, is getting a graphical update, just like all ...
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