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Now if only they were available here.
Owning a dog is awesome. Owning a dog if you love your ride is the same, albeit with a little more concern over shed fur, drool, and scratched trim involved. If you’re looking to balance a passion for both canines and cars ...
More and more dogs are experiencing heat stroke this summer.
With Manila's heat index rising to 40.4 degrees Celsius this week, everyone is trying their best to avoid the scorching sun and the humid air at all costs. While many people have been retreating to the comforts of air-conditioned homes and offices, ...
UP MMDA Vanguard K9 accepts dogs of all breeds.
Does your pet have what it takes to be a K9 rescue dog? UP MMDA Vanguard K9 is offering free search-and-rescue training at the UP Department of Military Science and Tactics (DMST) Complex. Their aim is to develop a pool of volunteers who ...
According to research, when your dog is grown, he doesn't give a sh*t.
If you claim you've never said "Who's a good boy?!" in the highest pitch voice humanly possible, you've either never owned a dog or you're a straight-up liar. But it turns out that if your dog is full-grown, he doesn't care for ...
Salvaged from a cruel dogfighting ring, the Laguna pitbulls are now fighting a social stigma that’s branded them as vicious. But they just want to be loved.
This article was originally published in our August 2013 issue. You hear them before you see them—loud, raucous yelps escape from the steel cages that hold them; a cacophony of a hundred barking canines. The dogs come into view as you pull into the ...
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