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This flock of fledgling creatives is fresh, inspiring, and exceedingly talented.
It is no doubt that the local art scene is ever-growing and rife with talent, but sometimes, there comes an artist with a certain quality that sets him or her apart from the rest; a unique study that makes one thoroughly intrigued. ...
"I'm under no illusion that I have the monopoly on great ideas," he says.
Everybody loves Raymond. I can say this with confidence because I have come to realize it’s not a matter of opinion; it’s pretty much empirical.Thirty years young, Raymond Ang is already shaping his generation’s narrative through an impressive body of work and ...
We round up inspiring individuals who are shaking up the country—and by extension, the world—and doing amazing things in their respective fields of interest.
This month at Town & Country, we are celebrating the next generation of gamechangers—the so-called “millennials” who are well-informed and already racking up their own accomplishments. At the beginning of November, we released our annual list of Bright Young Things.There’s publisher, editor, ...
The founder of Bellas Artes Project believes in the growing potential of Manila's art scene.
It’s difficult not to be a little jealous of Jam Acuzar.Intelligent, beautiful, and down-to-earth, this agreeable young lady confidently exudes style and polish in the way that only the well-educated and well-meaning can. Not to mention, she was recently named one of ...
The CEO of Evident Communications, an integrated marketing and public relations agency, talks about philanthropy and the bright future of digital technology and social media.
It has taken nothing short of a miracle to pin down Cecile Dominguez–Yujuico. It’s not because she chooses to be evasive, but the simple truth is that Cecile has been busy.Running a growing business, overseeing a foundation, and building a new social media ...
The Sunnies Studios co-founder talks about her successful brand's retail approach in the ever-changing digital age.
To Bea Soriano-Dee's 272,000 Instagram followers who patiently await her intermittent posts and to the hundreds of thousands more who follow Sunnies Studios and all of its affiliates, Bea is still very much the “It” girl she was labeled a decade ago. Despite her ...
Introducing our list of this year's Bright Young Things, who are defining their generation’s trajectory.
Community, connectivity, and collaboration.These are the words that we have heard over and over again from this year’s DownTown&Country set. A group of knowledgeable elite, these four meritocrats are chic and cool, politically informed and socially inclusive. They don’t just walk the ...
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