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According to study.
Coffee. We drink the stuff on the daily. But, are we paying high or low prices? We hate to break it to you: according to a new study, coffee in the Philippines is on the high-ish end."Whether filtered or pressed, prepared with ...
'Your body will thank you in the morning.'
Hangovers are often the consequence of a good night—but they don't have to be.In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Jordan Wagner explains five ways to prevent and curb hangover symptoms in a jiffy. As the doc says, the best way to cure a hangover is to, ...
Hennessey becomes the official spirit of the NBA.
Alcohol and sports are not unlikely bedfellows. Spectators are often found with a drink in hand while watching the game, while players toast a win with a cold one or blunt down the sorrow of a loss with a shot (or two ...
According to Asia's 50 Best Bars 2021.
The list of Asia's 50 Best Bars for 2021 is finally out. Each year, the ranking puts together the "cream of the region's bar scene." The 2021 edition features bars from 10 countries while shining a light on each establishment's talent, dedication, ...
The full list will be released on May 6.
The World's 50 Best has released the first-ever 51-100 list of Asia's 50 Best Bars. In the first edition of the ranking, three Philippine bars made it to the list made up of 22 cities across 12 countries in Asia, including locations like Japan's Nara, Sri Lanka's Hiriketiya, ...
There is no wrong way to drink whisky.
“Scotch whisky is the real holy water,” Pope Francis said. We couldn’t agree more. Whenever you think whisky, you think of it in simple, traditional terms: neat, on the rocks, sometimes mixed with soda, sometimes as part of a fancier but well-known cocktail. ...
The Salvatore brothers are reunited.
The wood-grain-on-wood-grain office Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley operate Brother's Bond out of looks so small over Zoom that I'm convinced there's only room for Somerhalder and Wesley, who are shoulder to shoulder, and a single promotional bottle of their concoction. But that intimacy—and ...
Sounds about right.
The World Beer Index for 2021 is out. Why should you care? Sure, it's statistics, but it's all about a thing we love: beer. The boozy study, conducted by consumer website Expensivity, reveals pretty interesting stuff about beer never known before.Researchers collated prices of ...
The Champagne brand, owned by rapper and businessman Jay-Z, is famously known for its Ace of Spades logo on a metallic silver bottle.
Despite a significant plunge in profits last year, LVMH has made the decision to buy a 50-percent stake in Armand de Brignac. The Champagne brand, owned by rapper and businessman Jay-Z, is famously known for its Ace of Spades logo on a metallic ...
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