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Refinery wants to make life easier.
It's been another tough week. While working from home was appealing when we were all confined to cubicles, now confronted with the reality, the line between day and night, end of day and start of day have been blurred. What we really ...
Brewing coffee and drinking it black is a thoughtful, personal process. We need that right now.
I have drunk enough black coffee to push myself out of depression, and enough to spiral back into one. I’ve fallen in love over pour overs and out of it over decaf in a diner. I’ve grown up with Folgers and grown ...
We all need something to calm us down.
We don't have to say it aloud, but it might be therapeutic to say that times are f*cked at the moment. No matter how optimistic a person is, the COVID-19 situation is stressful. There are the usual questions: Could I have it? ...
Expertly composed using the world’s most exquisite casks.
There's no shortage of whisky fanatics who scour the world looking for the most remarkable, most exclusive spirit to satiate their taste buds. But even they might recoil at the price tag of this ultra-premium Scotch whisky. The Dalmore has unveiled a rare 51-year-old ...
With just three ingredients, it's an unbeatable whiskey cocktail.
The Gold Rush is an easy one to make and to drink. Its spirit base is bourbon, its zest comes from lemon, and its sweetness is honey. Think of it like a Whiskey Sour with a different sweetener (and no egg white), ...
Bottoms up!
We hate to break it to you, but the calories in booze count.According to Alcohol Aware the humble pint contains as many of them as a large slice of pepperoni pizza.Cocktails often have the highest level of calories because of the sugary goodness that ...
Warm milk and booze? That's comfort.
There's nothing like some hot milk to set you right. Lull you into serenity. Put you to sleep. Bring you back to a time when you didn't even know what alcohol was—until you remember that alcohol improves all beverages, so you pour ...
Serve Puerto Rico's rich, coconut drink at your holiday party.
Coquito is like eggnog, but better. Served predominately in Puerto Rico, where it originated, it is a rich, milky rum drink sweetened with curls of coconut cream, not to mention both evaporated milk and condensed milk. Pass it out to family and ...
Time to give your liver a rest.
It's the morning after a big night out. You drank excessively. You drank so much that you don't remember drinking excessively. You make coffee to defog your head. More important than fixing that hangover, it turns out the cup o' joe is helping reverse last night's all-out liver assault—sort of. According to a new ...
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