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Daang Katutubo cuts a path through the rolling hills of Pangasinan.
One of the most breathtaking roads in the Philippines is almost complete. Daang Katutubo cuts a path through the rolling hills of Pangasinan to connect the lands of ethnic groups Kankanaey, Bago, and Ibaloi in Barangay Mapita. “This road improvement will give a boost ...
Target date: September.
Construction on the Binondo-Intramuros Bridge in Manila continues during the pandemic and will be ready before the year ends, Public Works Sec. Mark Villar said Thursday.The 600-meter bridge utilizes arc type technology to connect two of Manila's oldest and most popular districts. ...
The TRB has just revealed the proposed toll fees for the newly opened tollway.
Have you tried out the newly opened Skyway Stage 3 already? If yes, then you’re aware that San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has granted motorists toll-free passage through this portion of the expressway until January 29, 2021.Now, if you’re looking to drive through ...
If there’s one thing that neither the pandemic nor the turn of the new decade has changed in the Philippines, it’s the traffic here on our shores.Last year, as soon as the enhanced community quarantine was lifted and cities started reopening their borders, it felt ...
Here's a late Christmas gift from San Miguel.
Here's a late Christmas present from San Miguel Corp. Skyway Stage 3 will partially open tomorrow, December 29. And it will be free to motorists for one month. This is according to San Miguel Corp. president and COO Ramon Ang, who posted the announcement ...
Despite their attempt to give back to customers with a huge 50 percent discount on all fuels, Petron’s efforts kind of backfired when streets were clogged with cars racing to avail their promo.Petron has been trending all day, with customers helping spread ...
Now that is a hack.
Well, here’s another light bulb idea we wish we had thought of sooner. Apparently, renting out personal parking spaces to fellow motorists is very big business in some countries. How big? According to UK-based parking space booking service Your Parking Space, homeowners in Britain made ...
We take the 10th generation Honda Accord out for a spin.
Most Filipinos who own cars make do with a basic four-wheeler. Just Google what the bestselling vehicle is in the country and you’ll understand. It’s not a dig at compact and subcompact sedans; we understand how difficult it is to get around, ...
Another plan?
Authorities said Monday they were working to ensure that RFID tags work on all expressways, regardless of operator. With interoperability, motorists will no longer need to secure separate tags for different operators.Motorists have been burdened with long queues in recent weeks to secure two different RFID ...
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