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Few things surprise us when driving on an expressway. Unless there’s a traffic incident, driving through any of the high-speed highways can get a little monotonous at times.But one driver got the surprise of his life when he saw a car coming ...
Head on over to their mobile station at PITX!
Adulting is hard. Just getting the official papers and identification needed to be considered a fully-functioning Metro Manila citizen is already a tedious process full of long lines and catch-22s. So if a day at the Land Transportation Office isn't something your're ...
So you're driving your first car. This is Driving 101.
Congrats on your new car purchase! Whether the unit is brand new or second-hand, it doesn’t really matter. You’re more mobile now and free from the clutches of surge pricing and other hellish problems of public transportation.Granted you did your due diligence, ...
Ford Philippines' new safety ambassador talks about his newest passion and offers tips on road safety.
Look up David Guison online and the first three things that pop up are his populous Twitter account, a YouTube channel with close to 10 million views, and his 10-year-old fashion blog DG Manila. He’s front and center in all of them, ...
Accidents on the road during adverse weather conditions can be easily prevented.
The rainy season is once again upon us. Some dread it, others love it. One thing is for sure though: In a country that already has almost seven million registered vehicles, the rainy season almost always signals more road accidents due to ...
Have you ever ended a relationship inside a car?
Love can be a complicated thing. And apparently, a significant other who's either a subpar driver (who probably uses his smartphone when behind wheel), or a hothead in the passenger's seat can make relationships that much harder to deal with.Findings from a ...
It's not rocket science.
Parking isn't rocket science. Be it parallel parking, perpendicular parking, backing in or backing out. The process consists of just finding an angle, moving your steering wheel, and modulating the gas pedal. It's simple, really. Eventually, and with enough practice, everyone gets ...
The answer may surprise you.
There are so many ways—some of which aren’t even based on facts—to answer this question, that a column will hardly scratch the surface of the debate. If you ask me and the rest of the male motoring population, the answer is a ...
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