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The former chief of the Bureau of Corrections is in hot water after disobeying the president’s orders and releasing some of the country’s worst criminals.
Former Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) chief Nicanor Faeldon is the man of the hour after the government official was publicly sacked by President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday, September 4. The former BuCor head failed to follow Duterte’s order not to release heinous crime ...
Your favorite brand of cigarettes might get cheaper. Or more expensive. Or not.
PNP broadens agenda after temporary halt on drug war.With the President’s war on illegal drugs on standby, the PNP has now shifted its agenda to preventing and solving seven serious crimes: murder, homicide, theft, robbery, physical injuries, car and motorcycle theft, and ...
The former chair of the Commission on Human Rights and the former Secretary of Justice has had a tumultuous start to her career as a neophyte Senator.
Senator Leila de Lima has just been named one of Foreign Policy magazine's 100 Global Thinkers for 2016. We thought it fitting to include this piece—published in our December 2016 issue as part of our Naughty or Nice series—here on our website.The former ...
At the beginning of President Duterte's term, blogger Joe America bade a temporary goodbye to his readers, as a statement on behalf of decency.
Thank you to all who have expressed their understanding and best wishes for me and my family.There are a number of reasons for suspension of the blog. At the root, as many supposed, is a concern for my family’s well-being, cast against ...
While it’s true that social media has become a sort of battlefield where all manner of campaigns are run, does there really have to be a war?
In the TV series Mad Men, Bert Cooper, CEO of Sterling Cooper, advised his creative director, Don, not to fire the young Pete Campbell, who just betrayed him. “One never knows how loyalty is born,” he says. Over eight seasons, Campbell repeatedly ...
What is a liberal to do in this new world?
These are not good times for liberals. We have a popular/populist president who ran a campaign not only against a liberal party, but against liberal values like human rights and due process. Du30’s success, as we all know, stemmed from widespread disillusionment. ...
The political divide is not a battle of good versus evil, a fact that many of us seem to have forgotten. Charles Englund makes a case for supporting the president’s reforms and continuing discourse.
It does not help that you think I’m a blind follower, an apologist, a rude and crude supporter of a bloodthirsty maniac. You think I am a troll. Worse, you suspect I am a paid troll, or even a bot. For how ...
Assessing the Duterte administration and the Disruptor-in-Chief.
Now that we are formally one hundred days into the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, it has become apparent that he has been taking on a new role: Disruptor-in-Chief (thanks to Ms. Shawn Yao for pointing this out). Frankly, our status quo did need disruption and, ...
What they've revealed about us as a nation.
The most popular president in living memory has just passed his first milestone. What the first three months has revealed about Duterte as a leader, and about us as a nation, is truly frightening.* * *How long must we go on being ...
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