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The DILG has ordered local government to toughen up on trikes.
Tricycles are notorious for hogging national highways, refusing to let trucks, cars, and buses overtake, causing a long line of traffic behind them. This may soon be a thing of the past. The Department of the Interior and Local Government has called on ...
You've got the weight loss resolution. Now, you just need the footwear
The part-timers haven't quite given up on their new year gym fix yet, so you've decided to take your fitness journey onto the streets. To that end, you need a pair of running trainers that can handle all kinds of weather conditions ...
The House of Representatives has yet to take action on ABS-CBN's franchise renewal.
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) submitted to Congress almost 200,000 signatures of petitioners supporting the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN.According to a report by GMA News Online, the signatures collected by NUJP are part of the 1 million signatures ...
Top photographers don't mind shooting with a phone or a DSLR camera.
You only need a few things to capture the perfect, like-grabbing, breathtaking Instagram travel photo. If you’ve got your destination down, all that’s left on the list is a good eye, patience, and, of course , a camera to capture your precious ...
"He had to like it. If Daniel doesn't like it, then you don't get the job"
Daniel Craig's creative influence over the Bond franchise cannot be overstated, from casting to suit cuts to scriptwriting (he recruited Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and basically rewrote Quantum of Solace on-set). With all that in mind, you’d think that some delegation would be in order.Well, as ...
ABS-CBN celebrities may suffer financial losses if ABS-CBN franchise is not renewed.
Some of the country’s top celebrities stand to lose a lot of money if ABS-CBN’s franchise expires, not only because of the threat of their shows’ closing. That’s because the network’s stars are also among its top 100 stockholders, according to the disclosure on ...
What's extremely clear in this script is that Star Wars is good when there is consequence.
Sixteen pages into the recently leaked script for Duel of the Fates—which may or may not be completely fake—an alien is executed by a lightsaber guillotine. Five pages after that, Kylo Ren's face is violently mutilated by a surge of red lightning. ...
Did you know that pink, purple, green, and even black beaches exist?
The earth has a wealth of wonders to offer. Case in point: Did you know that—more than just the usual beige and white—there’s actually a spectrum of other colored beaches littered around the world? Like pink. While most of them are either hard to ...
Enrile even outlived the actors who played his contemporaries.
Let's disclaim first that Senator Juan Ponce Enrile has not been convicted of anything related to the PDAF Scam (yet), and we don't want to be on the receiving end of a subpoena for an online libel lawsuit. One thing we know ...
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