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It was caught in Eastern Samar.
An oarfish was found dead by local villagers in Agusan del Norte last week soon after the earthquake that hit Masbate province. According to folklore, oarfish being washed ashore is a bad omen. Nowadays, marine scientists will tell you that since the ...
You can support quake victims for as low as P200.
Yet again, the social impact of disruptive technology is seeing positive outcomes for Filipinos. Session Groceries, a social enterprise and farm-to-table app focused on connecting farmers and consumers by allowing consumers to order rice through their app, is offering special delivery services to ...
It will cost over P179.9 million to build.
In 2017, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake knocked down the Anao-aon Bridge in San Francisco, Surigao del Norte. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is now replacing it with a structure that will ensure the previous incident never happens again.According to ...
Be sure you're ready for the big one!
The Philippines is located in a very special place: the Pacific Ring of Fire, and yes, it is as suspenseful as it sounds. The Ring of Fire is an area that contains about 75% of the world's volcanoes and is marked by a high ...
Earthquake damage can lead to serious secondary disasters if unattended.
In the aftermath of an earthquake, it's perfectly reasonable to feel rattled. You mustn't forget, however, to assess your home to make sure its structural integrity isn't compromised—even if it seemingly made it through unscathed.Town & Country consulted structural engineering expert Emilio ...
Some destructions were fatal.
The 6.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the Philippines on April 22, 2019 left many in Luzon shaken. In its wake, the natural occurrence left more than just a couple of items out of place. Operations were immediately halted in transportation systems, road and ...
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