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The lockdowns and stimulus proved inadequate, says WB.
The Philippines’ economic recovery from the pandemic will lag its regional peers, according to the World Bank, as it struggles to move beyond strict lockdowns and stimulus that have been inefficient and inadequate.The Southeast Asian nation’s “highly decentralized” health system, and lockdowns ...
Pinoys are helping prop up the economy of the island in the English Channel.
After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum in 2016 (what has since been called Brexit), there was widespread uncertainty about its effect on the British way of life. In Jersey, in particular, farmers expressed concern that there ...
It’s not just sili that’s insanely pricey.
If you don’t regularly go to the market, this story might not concern you. But for everybody else whose task it is to replenish food supplies on a regular basis, they might be wondering why exactly prices of basic commodities are through ...
Is COVID-19 a Grinch too?
All rank and file workers are entitled to 13th month pay under labor laws and companies should be giving it out from November to December. That was before COVID-19. In the last six months, jobs were lost, businesses trimmed operating hours and the economy ...
A quick look at the impact of authoritarian rule on infrastructure, debt, GDP, inflation and the stock market.
To family and supporters of the former President Ferdinand Marcos, his declaration of martial law on September 23, 1972 (though he antedated the official document to September 21) remains a watershed event that ushered in what some of them consider to be ...
The partnership offers a temporary source of income until the tourism industry gets back on its feet.
The pandemic has caused widespread national unemployment and underemployment. One of the worst-hit industries has been the tourism sector. Once a lifeline for the economy, tourism is now facing unprecedented challenges as hotels, airlines, and cruises struggle to stay afloat and thousands ...
Good news: the worst is not yet to come.
It looks like we might have overcome the worst of this economic crisis.According to Benjamin Diokno, governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), it’s “unlikely” that the economy will get any worse in 2021. Top Story: Supermarket Staff Pin-pricking Holes in Plastic Sugar BagsIn ...
'Clients are holding a lot more cash than usual. It’s a very interesting phenomenon.'
Every crisis is an opportunity, and based on historical data, economic growth has often arrived on the coattails of times of trouble. The economy is used to rebuilding itself time and again, and it looks like the ultra-rich are preparing for the ...
The government ranks after BPOs in the amount of open job posts.
The pandemic has rendered millions jobless, but don’t fret. According to Jobstreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca, businesses are steadily reopening their doors for new hires in the Philippines.Top Story: News5 Head Luchi Cruz-Valdes Confirms Ted Failon's Transfer to TV5In an interview with ...
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