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Ed Calma shares more about his latest project, the new visual and performing arts building at the British School Manila.
Architect Ed Calma doesn’t believe in classrooms.“I don't think art can be learned in a classroom,” he says. “It's [arts education is] always through reading things: reading the environment, reading your travels, reading books.”Ironically, he shares this as we walk through one ...
The founder of Chuvaness blends the contemporary and the classic.
For the past 15 years, Cecile Zamora has lived in this Ed Calma-designed home. Founder of Chuvaness, one of Manila’s first ultra-successful lifestyle blogs, this stylish mother of three young boys now keeps herself busy with a budding career as a DJ. ...
Robbie Antonio leads an impressive team of design experts in a revolution of precrafted homes.
"Time is our enemy here at Revolution but it’s also my greatest impetus,” Robbie Antonio says, as we make our way down the narrow hallway that runs through his penthouse office. “We never have enough of it.” A welcome interruption from a ...
We love to visit them again and again.
1-2. Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, FinlandThese cities are, for me, the best of the lot. They’re so easy to move around. The weather is perfect in the summer. As a tourist, you can buy one pass to access all transport systems and ...
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