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The actor collects planes and helicopters, so of course he wears a Breitling Aerospace.
Harrison Ford's filmography features enough aircraft to mount an airshow. There's Han's beloved Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, of course. And Air Force One in, er, Air Force One. In the first Indiana Jones film he fights Nazis on the wings of one plane; in the ...
‘Sonic the Hedgehog,’ ‘Onward,’ and ‘Call of the Wild’ are for the rowdy bunch.
Out in theaters recently were Call of the Wild based on Jack London’s novel, Sonic the Hedgehog, based on Sega’s flagship character, and Pixar’s fantasy adventure with a twist, Onward. All three films are great family entertainment, so any of them are good choices for a night ...
Hidden away in Paris, a style scene centered around a few key players, shops, and labels is quietly going global.
The 16th arrondissement of Paris is a sleepy but chic western suburb close to the Bois de Boulogne that happens to be the epicenter of one of the most intriguing developments in men’s wear right now. A small gang of style geeks ...
It's not very complicated, as long as you don't overthink it.
In New York state prisons, a few accommodations for fashion have created a whole ecosystem of sartorial expression.I don’t want to completely blow your mind [extended bong rip], but have you ever really considered the nature of the self? Are we born with immutable characteristics ...
The man can't miss.
Choo choo! All aboard the Harry Styles appreciation train. First stop: hyperbolically hailing his every minute stylistic choice as a "significant moment in the way men are dressing right now." Am I right? I mean, what's the big deal with this guy? ...
These tough-as-nails watches are designed for men who like a bit more function in their wristwear.
Casio celebrated its 100 millionth shipment of G-Shocks a couple of years ago.It's a brand beloved by both the SAS and hypebeasts—fans include soldiers, firefighters, and astronauts; collaborators include Stüssy, Levi’s and A Bathing Ape. The “unbreakable” original with its “triple 10 ...
Emporio Armani's new fragrance frontman has a simple yet effective approach to grooming.
Nicholas Hoult’s on-screen style evolution has been a sight to behold. It all began with that iconic About a Boy bowl cut, which was soon swept to the side for his role as nu-rave party planner Tony in Skins. Then things got experimental: a Becks-in-Madrid ...
Meet the Panerai that can battle space baddies and escape a dinosaur-infested observatory.
Big, bulky, save-the-day Panerai watches are proper action heroes. The brand was founded in Florence in 1860, and by the turn of the next century, had become an official supplier to the Marina Militare (the Italian version of the marines, shockingly). In ...
Choose your fighter.
There is nothing—nothing—more primitive than boxing. We cheer and scream and howl as two men in peak physical condition beat seven shades out of each other. You win points for conjuring spittle-based mists of red. Losers are decided by their inability to ...
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