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For Muslims, this order by the MPD, even if it was recalled quickly, triggers feelings of being discriminated against because of their religion.
Here we go again. Sometimes it feels like bad deja vu. We've seen this before, with a school imposing a policy that bans the wearing of veils by Muslim women, and a town imposing special IDs for Muslims as a counter-terrorism measure. Now ...
Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Edsel Salvaña is stopping you from falling into a more contagious trap: fake news.
COVID-19 is dominating the headlines. The world is on edge as this new virus works its way across different countries. As the death toll rises, anxiety increases. Parallel to the actual body count is a rising fear, fueled by misinformation and fake ...
This Neo-Renaissance house once served as dormitory to a young Manuel Quezon.
When people think of Quiapo, there are a few things that automatically come to mind: It is home to the majestic Quiapo Church (built in 1933, expanded in 1984), its annual fiesta a ritual for tens of thousands who profess devotion to the Black Nazarene. ...
There's something strange in the neighborhood.
There's something weirdly fun about sitting with your friends and talking about strange experiences, baffling phenomena, miracles and mysteries around the Philippines. You'll need a good dose of curiosity, natural skepticism, and a sense of humor to take all these stories—whether or ...
"I wanted it to be a moment of chance"
Filming for The Matrix 4 is now well under way, and we've just been given a glimpse at Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) back together at last.In the new on-set picture, a beardy and black cloak-wearing Neo rides on the back of ...
The actor opens up about his struggles with alcohol in an interview with the New York Times
After playing the Caped Crusader in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Ben Affleck was set to don the mask again to direct and star in The Batman.But in January 2019, it was confirmed that Affleck had stepped away from the film, and ...
It starts on February 26 in Manila.
In partnership with the Japan Foundation, the Film Development Council of the Philippines has kicked off Japan Film Week 2020. The nationwide screening started at Cinematheque Centre Davao in January and continues at Cinematheque Centre Manila from February 26 to 29. It ...
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