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Collapsed wall is a danger to EDSA motorists and pedestrians.
On Saturday morning, the Metro Manila Development Authority's Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija posted on social media photos of a crumbling perimeter wall along EDSA and called it a huge accident waiting to happen.   "Forbes Park perimeter wall collapsed on Edsa," Nebrija said. "No ...
Until then, the East Service Road will be limited to one-way northbound traffic.
Remember last week’s carmageddon along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)? If you live down south, there’s even a good chance you went through it more than once in the last few days. Fortunately, we have some good news that both motorists and ...
It will take at least two years to build.
San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is planning to submit an unsolicited proposal to the Department of Transportation to build a 10-lane elevated expressway on EDSA to ease traffic in the perennially congested highway. In a report on Businessworld, Ramon Ang, president and chief executive ...
What do you think?
Remember our previous story about the suggestion to ban private vehicles on EDSA during rush hours? New discussions revolving around that proposal have popped up yet again, this time courtesy of Representative Edgar Erice from the Second District of Caloocan City.In a recent interview with DZMM, Erice brought up the idea of allowing only public ...
Do you think this is feasible?
The spiraling traffic-management issues on EDSA have garnered a handful of proposed solutions from netizens, including a rework of the thoroughfare’s lane system and the implementation of a private-vehicle ban along the avenue during rush hours. Now, a lawmaker is pitching his ...
Itâs a sight to behold
Remember last week’s bus lane fiasco along EDSA? While some of us were complaining, others actually took their time to think of possible solutions to the ever-growing traffic problem.One previous suggestion from a concerned commuter featured a possible reworking of the lane ...
It's worth considering.
If you’re a regular commuter on EDSA, you’ve probably spent countless hours stewing in traffic on your way to school or work, daydreaming about what it would be like to not waste hours of your life on the road. You might also ...
And will new DOLE guidelines vs. the boundary system change anything?
Motorists who keep abreast with the news would know that since 2012, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has been trying to implement a fixed-wage system for bus drivers.Why? To eliminate speeding and recklessness, which is a result of keeping up ...
In light of EDSA Revolution's 31st anniversary, we remember the spontaneity and solidarity that had once united us.
In the 31st anniversary of the EDSA Revolution, we remember the Filipinos who braved tanks and stood vigil in the streets to reclaim their democracy, toppling the two-decade rule of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. The People Power Revolution in February 1986 was just the first step in rebuilding a nation's ...
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