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From a seed round funding of $1 million, CloudSwyft is now on its way to being a truly global company.
Imagine if you can move an institution’s entire physical computer laboratory online. Companies or schools no longer need to spend for things like computer units or office space, and students and trainees no longer need to be actually, physically present at the ...
STI partnered with Landbank for a first-of-its-kind student loan scheme.
A student loan program offered by a bank and one of the largest networks of private schools in the country aims to help students and their parents cope with difficulties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.ALSO READ: EDUCATIONThis is How You Can ...
There are so many errors on one page.
"The government has really doing their best." That's the answer allegedly given in a module released by the Department of Education discouraging students from joining peaceful assemblies.ALSO READThese Textbook Errors Are ‘Funny’ Yet UnforgivableThese Filipino Student Inventors Are Out to Change the ...
Paula Mendoza was laid off from work because of COVID-19.
Everyone’s quarantine scene looks different. You have the emerging YouTube-educated chefs, the non-stop Netflix binge-watchers, the workout buffs, and my personal favorite, the pro serial nappers. Whether you’re using this troubling time of mandatory house arrest to stay productive with your passion projects, or you’d ...
The course rationale presents a thorough deconstruction of the darkest days of Philippine democracy.
Mahalaga at napapanahon ang kursong pang-GE na magpapamalay sa kabataan sa kasamaan ng Batas Militar o ang paghaharing nakabatay sa dahas at pananakot, at ng diktadura, o ang paghaharing hindi nahahahanggahan ng batas.(Roughly, “The GE course that will educate the youth on ...
Janice Lao is making it a point to create green changes in businesses.
Whether it’s become evident or not, a green revolution has erupted across the globe. Developed countries such as the Scandinavian nations, Japan, and Switzerland lead the pack when it comes to sustainable practices. The Philippines is catching up with the movement through ...
Do international school rankings matter? How many schools should one apply to? What makes a strong application?
College applications are beyond competitive, and when it comes to applications to schools in the United States, one of the world’s top destinations for studying abroad, even more so.The statistics can be intimidating but it shouldn’t be the case, according to Matt ...
It's the 2019 edition of the Times Higher Education list.
Data provider Times Higher Education has released their 2019 World University Rankings and only two Philippine institutions made the list: the University of the Philippines and the De La Salle University.Placing in the 501-600 range, the University of the Philippines moves up from their ...
Chris Do, along with other expert creatives, will take part in CITEM’s CREATE Philippines.
Acclaimed director and creative consultant Chris Do is giving "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" masterclass this weekend. Do is the mastermind behind design-driven organizations such as the creative solutions agency Blind and online education platform The Futur.For over two decades, Blind has been at the forefront of ...
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