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Obiena is fighting to clear his name.
Currently ranked the sixth best men’s pole vaulter in the world, EJ Obiena is now dealing with more than just his fight for championships. The 26-year-old athlete is now embroiled in an investigation regarding his so-called “falsified liquidations” pertaining to payments made ...
Asia’s best pole vaulter is a Filipino. 
Filipino pole vaulter Ernest Obiena is on a mission to prove one loss does not define a career. Known to fans as EJ, the 25-year-old national champion has been resetting the Philippine national pole vault records since 2014, and is bouncing back ...
He's back on his feet.
It’s always a welcome sight to see athletes win golds, take first place, and come out on top. But it’s equally mesmerizing to watch them rise, falter, then get back up again. That’s what we’re seeing as EJ Obiena, the Philippines’ best ...
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