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Since the COMELEC only has vague answers.
Just before the clock hit seven in the morning on Tuesday, May 14, several news organizations reported sudden and sharp discrepancies in the election returns shown in the transparency server shared by the Commission on Election (COMELEC) to the media.In a tweet ...
Some of these seemingly innocent acts can get you arrested if you do them on election day.
According to someone who spoke Latin a very long time ago, “ignorantia legis neminem excusat,” which means, ignorance of the law excuses no one—lest we get arrested. To avoid this, we combed through some of the COMELEC’s voluminous rules and regulations regarding ...
This is a starting point for voters searching for senatoriables with values aligned to their own.
There’s less than a week left until the mid-term elections, and yet many Filipino voters still find themselves without a list of candidates to vote for. The local elections may be easier to assess with just a handful of candidates in the ...
There’s been a pattern in the last three elections.
Election polls are made to assess how well the candidates are performing during their campaigns. So far, the frontrunners of this year’s senatorial elections are administration bets, based on the Pulse Asia survey results released in March. Should we expect the May ...
Are we living in a nightmare or what?
National campaigns in the Philippines are often compared to a circus—you have candidates singing and dancing, falsifying their records, getting in and out of jail, and coming up with all sorts of gimmicks. The 90-day campaign period for the national elections on ...
Comelec data shows the youth make up majority of the registered voters in the country.
Dr. Jose Rizal said it before: “the youth is the hope of our future.” There must be a reason why more than a hundred years after his death, these words are still often quoted to this day.But it is particularly timely to ...
Imee Marcos emerged as the most mentioned candidate on Twitter, but it's probably not what she had hoped for.
Let’s get one thing straight: televised debates are not definitive judges of a candidate’s capacity to hold elective office. They can be too "showbiz," often glamorizing personality politics. The platform demands grandstanding from candidates, resulting in snappy one-liners that may not have proper context. ...
Many Filipinos will vote for candidates who plan to the address issue of plastic pollution.
The plastic waste problem has officially become an issue of national importance.Eight out of 10 Filipinos said they will vote for a senatorial candidate who will advocate for the strict implementation of solid waste management laws, a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey ...
A 2009 Supreme Court decision can clarify it all.
Sometime in 2018, billboards along EDSA began to be populated, not just by the faces of the country’s biggest actors and actresses, but by other equally famous yet not as fun to look at figures: politicians.By now, commuters, who travel along the ...
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