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He’ll also be the first LGBTQ mayor in the city’s history.
Todd Gloria has been holding a comfortable lead over his rival Barbara Bry in the race to become the next mayor of San Diego, California in the U.S. According to unofficial results early Wednesday morning (afternoon in the Philippines), Gloria held about ...
Harry and Meghan have urged Americans to vote.
U.S. President Donald Trump took a swipe at the Duchess of Sussex on Wednesday after the former Meghan Markle and Prince Harry participated in a Time 100 video urging Americans to vote.Top Story: Gabby Lopez Resigns as Chairman Emeritus of ABS-CBNMeghan, an American, ...
Political dynasties in the Philippines can trace their origins to the Spanish colonization.
The May 2019 elections shone a light on political dynasties and how they can collapse in a single day. There is so much talk about political dynasties that you’d think that these are fairly recent phenomena, something that appeared just after the ...
All things must end, even highly entrenched political dynasties.
In the recent midterm elections, five members of the Ejercito-Estrada clan ran for public office. All five of them lost, marking the end of the 50-year political run of one of the Philippines’ most prominent political families.The Estradas began their public career ...
Meet the 30-year-old incoming mayor
Vico Sotto may have had very famous parents, but he himself eluded fame. He was thrust in the spotlight when he ran for and became Pasig City councilor in 2016. Born on June 17, 1989, Vico—his nickname a portmanteau of his parents' Vic ...
We still can't get them out of our heads.
There was a time when election season produced more than new leaders in government, it also gave everyone a bad case of LSS. The culprit? The campaign jingle of a particular big-ticket candidate that was so bad, it was good. It was ...
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