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Because "lazy dressing" just doesn't cut it sometimes.
The little black dress has always been our go-to dress in good times and times of desperation. Trusty as it is, however, it deserves a break every now and then—especially if all your tagged photos show you in full black get-ups. Here, ...
How you wear jewelry says a lot about you as a person.
Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Wearing too little can make you look underdressed and plain, but piling it on and going over the top can draw unwanted attention.To keep it classy and elegant, here are the rules to follow when ...
The classic man's wardrobe is a mainstay.
1. Learn the art of suiting.Several men think suiting ends after a visit to the tailor–lazily committing to a monotone black suit/black tie combination for that suit’s whole life. Incorporating various prints and using a rainbow of colors are what differentiates a ...
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