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The happy couple has shared conflicting explanations for what this assortment of symbols, letters, and numbers stands for.
As every new parent knows, there is no greater feeling than looking into a newborn child's eyes, and then assigning it a name that reads like the phonetic spelling of the sound a dial up modem makes while connecting to the World ...
It’s hard to believe that this driverless future will arrive as soon as Musk expects
Driverless cars have always been thought of as a marker of humanity’s next great technological leap. From Tom Cruise’s Lexus 2054 in Minority Report to Will Smith’s AI-controlled Audi in I, Robot, autonomous wheels carry the seductive allure of a shiny, traffic-less and accident-free future. ...
*heavy sigh*
Elon Musk just can't escape controversy. The man he called a pedophile is suing him. He smoked weed on air, forever burning this image into our brains. The SEC sued him for fraud because he couldn't resist a 420 joke, which cost him $20 million, his company another ...
The tech billionaire has hit a new low, being sued by the British diver he called a "child rapist". From Silicon Valley icon to daily meme-fodder, how has it come to this?
This week, Elon Musk's repeated claims that Vernon Unsworth, the heroic diver who rescued 12 Thai children from a cave, is a 'pedophile' has finally resulted in him being sued.Surreal sentence, isn't it. And yet it somehow seems par for the course for a man ...
Yes, the billionaire entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, did use a four-letter word.
On February 6, SpaceX took a giant leap for mankind and successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket.The momentous launch opens up a whole bunch of possibilities in the realm of space exploration. The Falcon Heavy’s payload size capability is about 140,700 pounds—equivalent ...
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