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Cold air, winding roads, and spectacular views
Anyone who’s been to Sagada will tell you that the place is pure magic. Not just Sagada per se, but the entire route headed there, too—the cold air, the winding roads, the spectacular view.Simply put, the journey to Sagada has all the ...
The musician founded and now runs an independent record label called Offshore Music
Ely Buendia is perhaps best-known as the frontman of seminal OPM band the Eraserheads, but these days, he’s wearing a different hat. The fortysomething singer-songwriter-record producer is now a bona fide record executive after he and a few business partners set up indie ...
The singer and songwriter adds another title to his growing list of achievements.
Offshore Music’s logo features the silhouette of three men in various stages of hurling a briefcase into the air. The stills are taken from a music video by Ely Buendia’s band. No, not that one; his new band called Apartel.It’s an odd ...
"Magra-ride ako hanggang Baguio"
Some of the prominent two-wheelers fans will come across on his page include a Ducati Scrambler, an accessorized Harley Street 750, and a customized motorbike the singer has dubbed the Doomsday Raider (awesome name, by the way) courtesy of Fart Monkeez Garage. More ...
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