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After her craniotomy, Jeena Llamas was back to work in less than two weeks.
Back in March, the New Yorker released a feature written by Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke, detailing how she suffered from two life-threatening aneurysms in between filming the award-winning series. While many readers sympathized with the actress, Jeena Llamas related to ...
Pretending to ride a dragon when you're very much not riding a dragon is as hard as it sounds.
You've probably heard the story about Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman on the set of Marathon Man, but it's worth retelling. Hoffman told Olivier he'd been awake for 72 hours to get into the same headspace as his character, to which Olivier ...
She suffered from a life-threatening hemorrhage after filming the first season.
A few weeks ahead of the release of the hit television series Game of Thrones, Hollywood actress Emilia Clarke penned a poignant essay for The New Yorker, detailing how she suffered two aneurysms while filming the HBO show. The article entitled “A ...
Tracing our tradition of celebrating Game of Thrones’ maidens fair.
Game of Thrones fever is in full swing this week, after the premiere of the show’s seventh season pulverized all its previous numbers and set social media ablaze with a wildfire of raving fans and obsessive theory-mongers. But let's take a second ...
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