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Because entertaining is an art form.
It takes quite a lot to be the hostess with the mostest. You may know the best entertaining tricks, but could you, perhaps, be forgetting simple etiquette rules? Below, our tips to entertaining in the way of the world's best party hosts.Nothing ...
These jars of gourmet goodness will add joy to your holiday table.
Need a gift for a fellow foodie? Or perhaps some new options for easy pop-and-serve appetizers for those last minute festive gatherings? These 13 jars of gourmet goodness will add joy to your holiday table.One of our favorite new additions to the ...
Here's your glassware guide for water and juice to all the different kinds of wine.
In a formal dining setting, there can be at least four glasses on the table. To help you tell which is which and what is what, we took the liberty of listing down each kind for the benefit of both entertainers and ...
Our list of the best caterers in Manila, in time for your next party.
Aside from the ambiance, and of course, your charm as a host, your party's success depends largely depends on the food.There’s always the choice of hiring a professional caterer to take the load off from your own kitchen, but which one?To help ...
Off-duty, butlers sometimes get to party with royalty.
From the mouths of those who have dedicated their lives to serving the British crown come intimate glimpses into a very secret world.In the past, we’ve heard stories of the royals’ daily diets and their roles as employers. Now, another former butler has ...
Stephanie Zubiri Crespi's 'Feast With Me' contains all the secrets you need to create hearty, home-cooked meals to share with friends and family.
Food, travel, and lifestyle journalist and avid traveler, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi has developed an undeniable talent for entertaining from an early age. In a passage in her first-ever book, Feast With Me, she recounts how she lived in an open house constantly filled ...
The season’s most anticipated style monographs.
1. A.P.C. Transmission (Phaidon)Founded by Jean Touitou in 1987, fashion brand A.P.C. embodies its French roots to a T. Always understated and quietly chic, never too bold or dramatic, its ready-to-wear collections have earned an enthusiastic following through the years. Coinciding with ...
A Partner In Crime is necessary when planning and throwing a party, says the Truly Rich Lady.
The Party MomThis is not your actual mom, but someone who has similar superhuman management abilities. The Party Mom will help you troubleshoot anything, from the wilting peony arrangements to a crying and possibly drunk guest. She will not (like your mom) ...
Making drinks for good friends is a great way to spend a night at home.
When the joy of drinking at a crowded bar slowly gives way to annoyance, learning to make your own cool concoctions at home becomes crucial. If you’re looking to build a home bar of your own, make sure you have everything on this ...
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