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It’s called The Rig.
Theme parks are a dime a dozen these days, but we haven't seen one that’s based on oil platforms located out at sea. Until now.Saudi Arabia has announced plans to open what it says is the world’s first tourism destination on offshore ...
She will be missed.
Noemi Tesorero, whom most people call Mahal, was a giant in Philippine entertainment, despite standing all of three feet in height. Born on Dec 20, 1974, Mahal was the eldest of four kids. All of her other siblings are of normal height.Mahal ...
Bautista tweeted, 'Nah I'm good!!' when a fan said he should star in a film with Cena and The Rock. Cena told us what he thought about it.
WWE beef, apparently, doesn't just stay in the ring. Back in June, a fan suggested that John Cena (star of Vacation Friends, out today), The Rock, and Dave Bautista—all WWE stars who have found success as actors—should star in a movie together.Bautista was ...
Thirty years after its premiere, I've found myself feeling grateful for it, because the show shaped me in a way that the people around me couldn't at the time.
Susie Carmichael was the smartest girl I knew in kindergarten—smarter than Lindsay or Tyler or Megan or any of the other kids who were learning to read around me.Despite being three years old, as opposed to my own five, she seemed remarkably ...
And, in some cases, by the general public too.
The world can be cruel. No, scratch that. People can be cruel—especially to young women in the glaring spotlight of showbusiness. While the general public plays a huge part in all of this, the media takes it a step further and turns everything into ...
Captain America and the 'Juice' singer have taken their online relationship to the natural next level: a fake pregnancy announcement.
Musical Accompaniment to this post: Miracles Happen by Myra, from The Princess Diaries soundtrack.Sometimes, the most powerful thing we can do as humans is to just manifest the hell out of the future we want. That's where we are today, as Chris Evans responds to Lizzo's claim that ...
Is 2002/2021's hottest couple...remaking the 'Jenny from the Block' music video? Let's consider the evidence.
When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their romance this past April, it was a reminder that joy could still grow in the darkness. Those kids are out here sneaking around in broad daylight, leaving each other's apartments and hugging for the ...
Apparently 'heroes don’t do that.'
On this fine day of batshit, comic-book-adjacent news, we've learned a rather startling revelation about what truly separates a hero from the rest of us plebes. This universal truth, apparently? Heroes don't go down on people.Here we go. On Monday, Variety published a deep dive on how shows ...
Whether he’s singing to goats on TikTok or playing a crooked cop in ‘City On a Hill,’ the 62-year-old actor is still in love with getting into character. Just don’t ask him if he “likes” getting his picture taken.
I wish Kevin Bacon would look at me the way he looks at his goats.Louis and Macon Bacon live on Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s farm in rural Connecticut, among their bovine brothers and sisters. They are the focus of Goat Songs—a ...
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