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Art for watersheds and forests.
While nature sometimes seems far and detached from the daily lives of Filipinos living in urban centers, a group of young up-and-coming artists in the Philippines want to use their art to bring the beauty of nature back into the minds of ...
Mindanao is considered a critical agricultural area. 
Multinational corporation Nestle is leading one of the largest and most ambitious reforestation projects in the Philippines. It is planting 3.5 million endemic species of trees in Mindanao in hopes to minimize the impact of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Bamboo was ...
Komunidad has offices in Manila and Singapore.
A Filipino startup that offers an “environment intelligence” platform for clients has announced that it has raised $1 million (about P51 million) in a seed funding round. Komunidad’s platform “is designed to help environment-critical industries to make informed decisions when it comes ...
A week after the International Coastal Cleanup Day. 
Just a week after International Coastal Cleanup Day, a grisly sight welcomes migratory birds to Manila Bay’s mangrove forest in the Tanza mudflats. Tangled in the roots of the mangroves are heaps of garbage, mostly single-use plastics. Diuvs De Jesus, a marine scientist ...
But environmentalists are up in arms.
The casino project being built by Andrew Tan’s Global Estate Resorts, Inc. (GERI) in Boracay is going ahead despite opposition from business groups in the island. In a statement to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday, the billionaire businessman said the company ...
Even the soil of the mountain is exceedingly rare. 
On the forest floor of Palawan’s Mt. Victoria, something dark and small scurries, looking for fallen fruits to eat: a Philippine porcupine. It is among the hundreds of mammal species that inhabit the virgin mountain. For some people, Mt. Victoria is the playground ...
It is a crucial watershed protecting Metro Manila. 
The late environment secretary Gina Lopez had warned about the consequences of the denuded Marikina Watershed. In September 2017, Lopez warned about how the Marikina Watershed needed immediate reforestation to protect Metro Manila from severe flooding. Nearly four years later and several instances ...
45 million shopping bags drifted to Philippine seas.
Marine conservation group Oceana, citizens, and stakeholders want to sue the national waste manager in the Philippines. The group is taking the first step as a prelude to legal action to press the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC) and concerned government ...
Platymantis navjoti looks like a famous Muppet.
An international team of researchers has discovered a new species of frog in the Philippines that looks like Kermit the Frog from the Muppet Show. Researchers Arvin Cantor Diesmos (National Museum of the Philippines), Neil Aldrin D. Mallari (Center for for Conservation Innovation, ...
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