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For Spring-Summer 2022.
The TV show The Simpsons has been delighting fans, both young and old alike, for over three decades. Since it first aired in late 1989, the animated show featuring the dysfunctional cartoon family from Springfield has been a beloved TV staple for ...
Happy Steak and Blowjob Day.
There’s a bunch of unofficial and silly holidays people celebrate in different parts of the world almost every day of the year. There’s a National Spaghetti Day, a Super Mario Day, a National Zipper Day, a World Party Day, and of course, ...
Even small businesses can be built to survive and even thrive.
What does resilience mean? It’s being able to withstand or recover from any difficulty or unfavorable situation or occurrence. A resilient person is someone who is not easily controlled by what happens, but is one who maintains control and finds ways to ...
The lineup’s stacked more than ever.
After nearly three years, the world-famous Glastonbury Music Festival, a five-day festival set in the sunny hills of Pilton in Somerset, England, is back with an all-new lineup consisting of the some of the best music stars from all over the globe. ...
Is yours one of these?
Three-year-old tech brand Realme has topped the list of the most popular smartphone brands in the Philippines for 2021 based on global research firms Canalys and IDC. According to Canalys, Realme ranked first for Q4 2021 in terms of sell-in shipments, besting four ...
Kidlat Gottlieb Kalayaan De Guia—a son of National Artist Kidlat Tahimik (aka Eric De Guia)—has died. He was 43 years old.Expressions of condolences have flooded social media, including one from his brother, Kawayan. According to reports, he was helping take down the ...
And the world.
When did we start whipping out our phones to take pictures of sunrises, or perhaps more commonly, sunsets? Probably the minute camera phones were invented. For some reason, the sun’s hello and goodbye are two of the most popular subjects of photography ...
Modern Thai eats.
Greyhound is an apparel brand that opened its first store in Bangkok in 1980. After conquering the fashion world with its “Basic with a Twist” line, the company expanded to food and opened its first restaurant in 1997. Spearheaded by creative director ...
Years in the making.
The MRT Common Station—a transport hub that will connect different railway lines in Quezon City—will be completed by the end of March 2022, the Department of Transportation said on Sunday (March 6). "Notwithstanding the fact that I did not close Edsa to traffic, ...
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