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On the way to happy ending?
Read the first part of this story here.James Deakin has posted an update about supposedly losing money over an online trading app. On Thursday (September 16), the influencer and host said representatives from eToro, the online trading platform he’s been using since April, ...
Filipinos represent.
Singer, actor, and host Inigo Pascual has been cast in the upcoming TV series Monarch from Fox. Others in the cast are Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon, Albie Roman, Anna Friel, Trace Adkins and Beth Ditto. Deadline was the first to report the news.According ...
Will this story have a happy ending?
Read the update here.Journalist, host, and influencer James Deakin says he has lost a significant amount of money through an online stock trading app. In a note posted online on Tuesday afternoon, Deakin said he started investing in the stock market in April ...
Boxers should be aware of the risks, not just the potential glory, each time they step into the ring.
Boxing is a national obsession in the Philippines. Next to basketball, it’s undoubtedly the country’s most popular sport. Our most celebrated sportsman is so famous he was elected to the Senate and may possibly even make a run for the presidency. Of ...
From damning allegations to messy exposés.
Navigating fame and love can be fun, but as several celebrities prove, it can also be a recipe for disaster. We're talking, of course, about celebrity relationships and breakups that have been surrounded by claims of infidelity through the years.From damning allegations ...
Senate gives the bill a thumbs up.
The street where Fernando Poe Jr. once lived is one step closer to being named in his honor. The Senate has passed on third and final reading a bill seeking to rename Roosevelt Avenue in Quezon City to Fernando Poe Jr. Avenue.Twenty-two senators ...
It's the country's fifth REIT company.
Megaworld’s REIT company, MREIT, Inc (PSE: MREIT) will be the fifth company that will go public this year after it obtained approval from regulators to raise up to P19.9 billion in an initial public offering.MREIT will sell up to 1.2 billion secondary ...
Severe penalties await anyone caught harming or harboring a tarsier.
Three Philippine tarsiers (Carlito syrichta carbonarius) were rescued by personnel of the Protected Area Management Office of the Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary (PAMO-AMWS) in Barangay Katipunan, Loreto, Agusan del Sur on September 10, 2021.Based on a statement by PAMO-AMWS released on September ...
A flight attendant who used to travel the world for work finds reasons to appreciate being grounded.
It’s 2:30 a.m. as I reach for my alarm, half-awake after a 14-hour slumber. I was recovering from a summer trip during my off days in a little-known city in Austria called Klagenfurt, about to fly to Brazil for work where it’s ...
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