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After a crushing defeat in the presidential elections, Grace Poe is running for reelection to the Senate.
Grace Poe’s story is the stuff of fairy tales… and teleseryes.As an infant, Grace was abandoned in a church in Jaro, Iloilo, where she was discovered by Chayong, a prayerful woman who worked as a housemaid. Grace lived with Chayong and her ...
Long-time human rights lawyer Chel Diokno wants to empower younger generations to become better nation-builders. Fixing the country’s broken justice system is the first step.
If you’re reading this, you’re part of the relatively small portion of the electorate who knows who Chel Diokno is.Step outside your comfort zone, and you’ll find that most of the tarpaulins and posters that blanket public walls belong to administration bets ...
Mother, advocate, reluctant politician, and senatorial candidate Nancy Binay has one of the most recognizable names in Philippine politics. Nevertheless, she's working doubly hard to prove that she deserves to be here.
Nancy Binay has remained pretty much below the radar for most of the last six years she’s been in the Senate. The few times she’s been the center of attention was unintentional on her part, as armchair warriors bashed her sartorial style, more ...
Re-electionist Sonny Angara is intent on getting the job done by putting aside personal animosity and personality-based politics.
It is an early morning schedule with re-electionist Juan Edgardo Angara, more popularly known as Sonny Angara. He walks into his father’s house looking and sounding like he could benefit from more hours of sleep and rest. Weeks of campaigning, hopping from ...
In this very candid interview, senatorial candidate Bato dela Rosa shares his views on the controversial war on drugs, death penalty for politicians, and his friendship with President Duterte.
Senatorial candidate Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa made headlines last month when he said he has no more time for debates. Days later, another headline quoted the former chief of police saying people attend political sorties to be entertained and not to listen to issues. He ...
Florin Hilbay is the poor boy from Tondo who did good as a lawyer and public servant, and now he hopes that it’ll be enough to get him to the Senate.
Few people could name the solicitor general during the previous administration, let alone name his top accomplishments. Never mind that Florin Hilbay, then 40, was the youngest to ever hold the post as the government’s top lawyer, or that, as solgen, it’s ...
He may not have the endorsement from major parties, but Dr. Willie Ong's advantage is more unique: over 10 million online followers.
This article was originally published in 2019 during Dr. Willie Ong's senatorial campaign.What I first noticed when we arrived at Dr. Willie Ong’s home for the Esquire Philippines interview were not his cabinets filled with rows and rows of medical and resource ...
For every shade of acceptance or outright cynicism, there is a shine of hope and optimism in the eyes of senatorial candidate Serge Osmeña.
Serge Osmeña lost the 2016 senatorial elections by a shakeup in the last mile before the polls, but he comes ready with a document that summarizes how and when he gleans he was cheated. The document shows the results of an SWS ...
Running for another term in the senate, Bam Aquino, one of the most prolific lawmakers in the country, hopes to continue his work of opening more doors for Filipino families.
Inside his office, Senator Bam Aquino stands in front of a portrait of his Tito Ninoy Aquino—it’s his favorite one. It was a photo taken of the late senator in August 1973, during his trial, when he was sentenced to death by ...
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