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Step away from the sneakerhead arms race for a while.
The vicious cycle goes something like this: You see some super-hyped sneakers. Maybe they’re limited-edition. Maybe they’re a collab. Whatever the case, life will not be complete until you get those shoes. After dealing with a lot of hassle or spending a ...
Here are the top fragrances for men.
Many fragrances have come and gone, but these tried-and-tested ones have stood the test of time. You probably know the scent of most on this list. If not, you should pick the rest up and add them to your arsenal. Here are the ...
For entrepreneurs and traders alike.
A new year is upon us, and 2020 is looking to be jam-packed with business events happening left and right. The new decade will see new trends and changes in entrepreneurship, franchising, and investing, so it would be wise to stay up ...
These sartorially smart gifts may arrive on Christmas or after (as post-holiday gifts). Better late than never. 
Some make it a point to purchase all their holiday gifts a month before Christmas, and then there are the rest of us: corporate drones and busy bees too caught up in the daily grind and cumbersome traffic that we forego the ...
When the time comes for you to graduate from sneakers and slides and start building a real shoe closet, it pays to acquaint yourself with these notable styles.
If you’ve underestimated the importance of the right pair of fashion shoes (for men) can do to your outfit, you might want to think again. As Jennifer Lopez’s character Ramona says to Destiny (played by Constance Wu) in Hustlers, where enterprising ex-strippers find ...
The best and the not-so-best trends that filled our stomachs and emptied our wallets.
The year is coming to a close and once again we take a look back at the food trends that governed our senses in 2019. For diners, it was a good year in the sense that there were just so many choices ...
Dating back to its origins as a humble clockmaker in the 1850s, Timex has built a name for itself as one of the most enduring, reliable, ubiquitous, and, best of all, affordable watch producers around. Here are some of its best models that will take you through a variety of outfits and occasions.
The greatest legacy of Timex watches could be its history as the most democratic watchmaker of all time, as this year it marks 165 years of bringing great timepieces to the people.Starting as the Waterbury Clock Co. of Connecticut in 1854, Timex ...
There are so many Chinese restaurants in the Metro. These are the ones you need to sniff out.
Saying there are many Chinese restaurants in the Philippines is quite an understatement. We Filipinos love the cuisine so much that we’ve made room for so many of them on our shores. Manila alone has so many that it can be easy ...
These quick and stylish additions will help you transition your regular wardrobe to something more suited for the season.
As Christmas gatherings are beginning to kick off, the need to revamp your wardrobe is imminent, not just for the surge of long-lost relatives and close friends you’re bound to encounter, but for yourself.Charles Hix once said, “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s ...
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