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Just in time for the easing of lockdown restrictions.
If there's one thing we men can all agree on right now, it's that we all miss our barbers. Sure, it can be a struggle if you're used to getting a fresh cut on the regular, but before you grab a dull ...
Some wisdom from us to you, so it's just like the movies. Or damn near close.
When I was 16, two of my managers at Quiznos coached me on how to kiss a girl. This should send up a number of red flags. First off, I stopped wanting to kiss girls for good a few years after. Secondly, ...
Now’s the chance to adopt some next-level grooming habits that may also help you manage your mounting anxiety.
We here at Esquire are at home. Just like you, we're not used to it. Our free time, when we're not checking emails and updates and push alerts, stretches on and on. And so we've figured out a few ways to fill ...
How to navigate the trend that's so wearable, it might be too wearable.
In the name of JFK, Paul Newman, and Ralph Lauren, amen. Praise be to the holy trinity of prep. May we, as they, loaf with ease in white sock and chino, in oxford-weave, varsity cotton and cable knit. May our athletic club ...
These are the brands to know if you want to sound like an expert, even if you're not.
Whoo boy, I'm about to get dragged for this one. I'm well aware I'm not exactly breaking new ground here, but no one asked you, man. This list ain't for you. If you already consider yourself an expert on the nuances of Japanese ...
Whether you're looking for a no-fuss seaside escape or a peaceful nature retreat.
As a popular resort destination, you'd think the Philippines would be chockful of all-inclusive hotels and resorts. That's not the case, however. In fact, only a select number of places offer all-inclusive packages that include the room, meals, most alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, ...
Here's a list of some of the best couriers so you can shop online with less worry.
We've all been there: finding an item you want to buy online and pulling back after thinking about the miscellaneous charges you'll incur once it lands here... or worse, finding out that a site doesn't even ship to the Philippines to begin with. Well, ...
With great power comes great responsibility.
Being chosen as a groomsman isn’t just to fill out a list that comes with the invitation card. At the risk of sounding like a pageant contestant, being a groomsman is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. That the groom—likely someone close ...
Where to go to make the most of the long weekend?
After the 14 years that was January 2020, it feels like it’s time for a break. With 12 long weekends in the pipeline this year (excluding still-to-be-announced holidays), it seems a crying shame to spend those long weekends on an accidental staycation at ...
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