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The latest guest on Esquire Sessions Live: Clara Benin.
Esquire Sessions Live’s latest guest needs no introduction. Clara Benin is a beloved figure in the indie music scene, whose acoustic-folk artistry has captured fans young and old. In our latest episode with podcast host PJ Cana, Clara shares intimate details about ...
We just know you've seen at least one K-drama this quarantine.
Much like K-pop, Filipinos have been enamored with K-dramas, even before the pandemic started. What started as Tagalog-dubbed versions in TV networks have morphed into counterfeit DVDs, and now in various streaming platforms. It seems like now is the perfect time to ...
The singer-songwriter collaborated with her husband during the quarantine. 
In the fourth episode of Esquire Sessions Live, we talked to singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis. The Tabing Ilog musician has kept busy during the quarantine, producing her fourth solo album, Scenes From the Inside. The album was actually conceptualized before the quarantine started, and ...
The musician, designer, and writer is now a filmmaker.
In the 10th episode of the Lonely Hearts podcast with Esquire's editor at large Sarge Lacuesta, we talked to Kate Torralba, the multi-talented artist, musician, designer, writer, and now, filmmaker.In this episode, Torralba mused about the early beginnings of her music career as a piano prodigy at only ...
'The beauty of our arrangement is that we have… an open relationship.'
In Esquire’s third episode of its new music podcast, Esquire Sessions Live, we had the distinct pleasure of talking to the men behind The Itchyworms, one of the most enduring and beloved bands in OPM history. 2021 marks the band’s 25th anniversary ...
'What we have over here, we have talent, and we have passion.'
In the second episode of the Esquire Sessions Live podcast, where we record our favorite conversations with local musicians, we talked to 23-year-old singer and songwriter Inigo Pascual, who opened up about his sophomore album Options, growing up in the U.S., and his ...
And how synchronicity factors into it.
Joey Ayala is pretty much the closest thing we have to a living legend. For over 40 years, he’s gifted us with consistently brilliant music while promoting causes close to his heart along the way, one of which is his well-known love ...
This Filipino is writing a book on the disastrous trip.
Inarguably the most influential musical group in history, The Beatles are legendary. Exalted by fans and respected by the rest of the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t admire them in some way. But the people of Manila in ...
On The Beatles and their nightmare stay in Manila.
In the latest episode of Esquire Philippines’ podcast Lonely Hearts, host Sarge Lacuesta talks to David Guerrero, the chief creative of the Philippines and award-winning chairman of BBDO Guerrero. Guerrero, “a bit” of a Beatles fan, is currently writing a book on the ...
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