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Fishy Fridays? Fish every day!
Fish and Chips, a.k.a. our local fast food restaurants’ go-to “Lenten offering,” is actually of Jewish descent. According to food and travel author Simon Majundar, Peshkado frito, fish and chips’ ancestor, is a deep-fried white fish dish—typically cod or haddock—that came to ...
We recommend a bottle of beer or soju to go with that.
We know there’s so much more to Korean cuisine than the staples, but we can’t help it—the recent flurry of Korean dramas has us dreaming of this chicken recipe. When talk of Korean fried chicken surfaces, the feedback has been fairly consistent: Each ...
No-frills, but we just keep coming back for more.
Diners—they’re a wholly American institution that to us, Filipinos, usually mean retro-style interiors, greasy food, and bright neon lights. Historically, these chrome-covered fast food havens are more than that. Often open 24 hours a day, diners offer a respite for people coming ...
The best burger isn't always the most famous one.
We just can't shake off our love for a good burger. We've done iconic burger places, luxurious burgers, and meatless burgers. It's just such an easy and satisfying meal that can be as simple as a disc of ground meat between two slices ...
It's the new takeover trend in food.
There are many places you can go with flour, butter, and eggs. It can take you to cookies, cakes, pancakes, and, in light of more timely treats, the latest food fad to hit the world: soufflé pancakes.Soufflé pancakes are exactly how they sound: a ...
The chocolate cake of your childhood.
Of the many variants of cake, the Black Forest is among those that get the least attention. Not a lot of dessert places in Manila offer the famed chocolate-fruit cream cake medley, much to the dismay of ‘90s kids who have come ...
Underrated fried chicken places that flaunt over-the-top flavors.
There are restaurants that are so associated with their bestsellers that they become synonymous with their specialties. Think pizza, you think Kermit (we can all argue about that in our best pizza list). Think Filipino-style spaghetti, you think Jollibee. Think fried chicken, you ...
Have your fill of the chunkiest siomai and plumpest hakaw.
Do you also find yourself excited when a dim sum cart rolls in and starts showing off baskets filled with freshly steamed bites? Do you drool at the image of an extra chunky siomai, plump hakaw, or glimmering kuchay? Do you make ...
Yes, we heard you. No cream. 
While Filipinos will never give up rice, our love for pasta cannot be denied. Ever since we learned how to substitute fennel-flavored pork sausage with slices of red hotdogs and pessata with ketchup (sounds horrific, but you know you love it), our ...
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