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Dark and suspenseful classics from Hitchcock, the Safdie brothers, Nolan and more
Thrillers never, ever, ever go out of fashion. No matter what else is happening in cinema, audiences always want films that get their hearts racing.To be fair, we're never likely to get bored of chases, suspense and drama. But what's often forgotten is ...
The decade has seen excellence in sports.
Intelligence is underrated, especially if you're limited to barking out instructions from the sidelines. Yet the great ones stand out from the rest, flexing their minds with strategies that lead their teams to great heights.With that, gives a toast to the 10 best coaches ...
From Noah Baumbach's love story about divorce to Awkwafina's excellent performance in The Farewell.
As the year draws to a close, the race toward award season truly begins. We currently find ourselves in the thick of Proper Film season, with Oscar contenders like The Irishman and Marriage Story just hitting cinemas, and gems like Palme d'Or winner Parasite still to come in ...
Which one came out on top?
Below is a list of the Top 30 most-read stories we published in 2019. From political news stories to true crime; from fascinating profiles to useful guides; and from current events to forgotten history—this year, our readers proved yet again that they are ...
We narrow down the 10 best films from a decade that changed the foundations of cinema as we know it.
Year-end ten-best movies lists are more than just an annual occasion for navel-gazing critics to get up on their collective soap boxes and subjectively rank things, arguing why the films they loved are better than the film you loved. Or, at least, they should be. Ideally, ...
The decade proved the fading platforms and institutions weren't needed to keep the artistic spirit alive.
Music, more than any other form of entertainment, serves us like a memory scent. We take songs and albums on the road and into our lives, letting them soundtrack first dances and funerals and late night ragers. In our private moments, they ...
The cookbook author reveals his favorites for the year.
Angelo Comsti is a man with many pursuits. He walked away from a potential future in advertising to follow a more delicious path as a chef, studying in Le Cordon Bleu Australia, and opening his own restaurant. He became a food editor, ...
The era of "Peak TV" marked a fundamental shift in what we watch, where we watch it, and what the medium is capable of intellectually.
The term "Peak TV" might have been coined almost exactly halfway through the 2010s, but the groundwork had been set long before the decade began. The origin of this era of prestige television is marked by the phenomena that was The Sopranos, which ...
Culinary creator and all-around good guy JJ Yulo lists down his favorite meals of 2019.
Here we are on the cusp of another year and I find myself reminiscing some of the best plates I've had in front of me. I fired up my photo diary to help me on this—what I thought were some of my ...
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