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Want to escape Earth? It’ll cost you.
Space, the final frontier. As SpaceX aims for Mars and NASA makes plans for the Moon, what was once just a possibility—off-world living—is now a certainty. Soon enough, humans will be living in stations and colonies on other planets if they decide ...
HBO is far from done with GOT.
Thought House of the Dragon and the Tales of Dunk and Egg were enough? Think again. HBO knows just how lucrative the Game of Thrones franchise can be, and it won’t be stopping at just one or two prequels. HBO is going ...
The demand for pets has skyrocketed due to the pandemic.
Let's face it: we'll probably never settle the great debate on cats and dogs (AKA which four-legged-friend is better). But, at least we can all agree that no matter what your preference is, pets are just great. Period.Do you know who else ...
Including Don Draper's most memorable pitches.
Here are the most memorable quotes on life, advertising, and more from Mad Men."Make it simple, but significant." —Don Draper"You want respect? Go out and get it for yourself." —Don Draper"Change is neither good nor bad. It simply is." —Don DraperA post ...
Yes. A JPEG.
See that? That collage that you can save as a JPEG file on your computer has just been sold for a mind-blowing amount of $69.3 million (about P3.3 billion) at Christie’s.The artwork, called Everydays – The First 5000 Days, is the latest ...
The boutique hotel brand recently opened in the city, bringing its signature mix of historical heritage meets modern upgrade to the destination.
A cool and contemporary resort has been missing from Dumaguete for quite some time. There are plenty of resorts around the city that maybe went a bit too far with the whole tropical paradise shtick. But, sometimes, you just want to stay in a ...
Watch any of these films to celebrate International Women's Day.
In many parts of the world, the history of women has often been dismissed, many being relegated to the “official” history written by men. Oftentimes women were intentionally obscured in the writing of history. These 15 films are about how women fought ...
Your guide to the cryptocurrency collectibles that are taking the digital art and music world by storm.
Here's a riddle: What features a naked former president lying prostrate in the grass, cannot be touched or held in your hands, is free to download for anyone with an internet connection, and costs millions of dollars? Answer: the digital artist Beeple's NFT piece, ...
Watch as the Razorback guitarist answers five questions while taking five shots.
Tirso Ripoll is a musician, artist, guitarist, NU Rock Awards winner, and more. From his time performing covers to creating music that defined hard rock in the Philippines, Ripoll has had one hell of a life. In honor of his 50th birthday, ...
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