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It’s never a dull moment with your family, but that doesn’t mean you should succumb to becoming the entertainment.
Kiki Mountenpousse (obviously, not her real name) called me over the weekend to talk about the latest scandal to hit Manila.“Tsih-tsih, did you hear? The Woman of the Old Man made a fool of herself at the funeral of her grandfather.“As per ...
Two years after the Truly Rich Lady divulges the secrets to climbing the social pyramid, she revisits what those rules truly mean.
If we are talking about the bonafide winners of this game we call the Truly Rich Life, then they are the people who have made it to the topmost tier of the annual Richie Rich Rankings.Of course, that leaves you and even ...
And no, it doesn’t include wasabi in your soy sauce.
It's been three decades since Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa began his restaurant and hotel company that now spans five continents, with over 56 restaurants and 12 hotels and counting.When it comes to Japanese cuisine with Peruvian influences, chef “Nobu,” as he is widely ...
She didn’t take a car, of course. She went by plane.
We all need a break from the hamster wheel that is life. After all, there are only so many rooms the Truly Rich Lady can redecorate before she goes absolutely crazy. And so when a group of Truly Rich Friends from long ...
Please stop.
A funny thing happened when I hosted a casual dinner last Monday. We were on our third course of the sumptuous spread I prepared when I noticed that, three places away from my seat, our guest of honor, a China Rich Lady, ...
Should you let your age determine what you can or cannot wear?
To My Dearest Truly Rich Lady,Hi. I am need of advice. Is there clothing that you shouldn’t wear beyond the age of 30, 40, 50, and above? I am in the “above” category. Also, I changed my clothes this morning because I ...
Weekend pursuits are lovely, but sometimes we need to close our eyes for 48 hours. See you on Monday.
During another polite conversation at another polite soiree, a dinner companion asked: “Si-si Coo, how are you going to spend the weekend? I’m sure you have something exciting planned.”“Well, instead of spending the weekend, I think I will save it,” I replied. ...
“This necklace doesn’t fit my neck because I ate bread yesterday.”
Forget the opening of that chi-chi international boutique, the golden anniversary of the ballet, or the super exclusive lunch with Ms. Marda. This weekend, the only place to be was at an artisanal fair filled with handmade sustainable goods from the motherland. The ...
It's time to catch up with the world, says C.C. Coo.
A couple of months ago, I went to my nephew’s school for a private matter. I needed to pee and it was on the way. I asked a kind student where I could relieve myself. He pointed to a corner of one ...
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