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Esquire's fitness expert shows you the tricks you need to eradicate those dreaded 'moobs'
Moobs are an unfortunate (and often embarrassing) affliction for many a man, but unless you have clinical Gynecomastia - a medical condition where hormone imbalances encourage breast tissue - then they are entirely avoidable, given the right exercise regime and diet.Top Story: Pacquiao Ranks Second on 10 Greatest Boxers ...
It's just seven moves.
The beast is in the house.Or rather, outside the house, as he took to Instagram to record his workout for today: a seven-move circuit that doesn’t need any equipment, except (if you’re Calvin Abueva) a pair of snazzy Nikes, shin-high socks, and wireless ...
Two gyms speak out on the effect of quarantine.
On April 27, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared that the country had “won the battle” against the coronavirus.With cases trending downward to the point that the New Zealand health care system can handle any new infections, Ardern is confident that ...
For those who want to be productive during this time.
According to the World Health Organization, physical activity doesn't have to be an hourlong CrossFit calvary. It can be as simple as stretching for a few minutes, gardening, or even cooking (the last two, by the way, have become popular COVID-19 pastimes), ...
That six-pack is somewhere underneath your coat of fat.
How does one get abs really? If there’s one lesson Thor taught us in Avengers: Endgame, it’s that having chiseled abs is almost impossible once you’ve let go of an active and healthy lifestyle.The moment you decide to skip one too many ...
Esquire fitness columnist and Third Space supremo Luke Worthington gets back to basics in this week's workout advice.
Strength training is important, period. I often describe it as the cup that every other aspect of physical fitness sits within.Speed is determined by strength—it's simply an expression of force, but applied quickly. Flexibility and mobility are directly determined by stability, which ...
The right way to prepare.
Dear Luke,Well, I've done it. In a pique of 'New Year New Me' madness, I've signed up for a marathon in 2019.I do actually run fairly often already (promise), but this will be a first for me. Any tips for making sure ...
Here's exactly how much.
In the U.S., more than 70 percent of adults are overweight or obese, which costs them a total of $210 billion in medical expenses alone. Obviously, that is a huge sum. But according to new research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public ...
Some people have a real excuse to skip the gym
It turns out, being "allergic to exercise" isn't just an excuse to crack open another beer and relax in front of the TV.For some, this is a real condition called exercise-induced anaphylaxis—and it's not as fun as it sounds. In fact, it's ...
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