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Breaking down all the colorful characters on the presidential line of succession.
While the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September brought an end to the 70-year-long Second Elizabethan Era—news that unsurprisingly rocked the world—the death of the world leader hardly introduced a new age of messy and chaotic political times, as the deaths of political figures have been, ...
And what can I do about it?
Ever had your Friday night ruined by a boss who called you for an emergency meeting, or found yourself finishing a report during your sick leave because it's due first thing the following morning?Slave driver bosses are among the toxins of workplace culture and one ...
Nationalism, patriotism, socialism, communism, capitalism, and fascism. Which is which?
In a country divided by principles, now more than ever, we must explore the importance of supporting certain ideologies. Doing so helps us form independent conclusions about the kind of world we wish to live in. Keep in mind that ideas in ...
On the cusp of his fifth death anniversary, Kian Loyd delos Santos' remains are exhumed from the La Loma Cemetery in Manila. With it, new truths hope to be uncovered about the infamous case, the War on Drugs, and the country's justice system.
Kian delos Santos was shot in a dark alley in Caloocan by police offers during an anti-drug operation back in 2017, causing a national uproar. It would soon become one of the most infamous cases of extrajudicial killings during the height of the ...
Abusers will be penalized.
Sen. Robin Padilla has filed a bill seeking to legalize the use of medical marijuana, allowing patients to avail it for treatment while ensuring that it will not be prone to abuse.Senate Bill 230 is one of the first 10 bills that ...
Congressmen and senators represent the people.
A congressman’s proposal to rename the Ninoy Aquino International Airport after the martyred senator's political nemesis, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, drew outrage online from those who said there are more pressing issues to address such as soaring inflation and a resurgent coronavirus.Despite the criticism, Negros Oriental Rep. ...
The latest viral moment isn't just about having fun. It's about fitting in.
Streets turned us despicable but our money still gru" reads a recent tweet of @rageriders. The attached image depicts nine teenage boys stood in the lobby of their local cinema, in suit and tie, braces, shirts and shoes. There's even a few walking ...
Based on facts, not opinion.
An actress' comment comparing history to chismis or gossip has spurred conversations online, prompting historians to clarify that the discipline is based on facts, not opinion.The comment was made by Ella Cruz as she discussed her portrayal of Irene Marcos-Araneta, daughter of the late dictator Ferdinand ...
Marcos vetoes bill on Bulacan Airport Ecozone.
In one of his first official acts as the new chief executive, President Bongbong Marcos vetoed the bill that sought to establish a special economic zone in San Miguel Corp's Bulacan Airport City, noting its "substantial fiscal risks".The proposed law, which was seen to ...
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